When do you judge yourself?

When do you judge yourself?

In the traditional RWS Seven of Wands (shown here from Lo Scarabeo’s RWS deck, 2013), a male figure stands with two different shoes on a small elevation. He holds a stave defensively, and six other staves rise up from the ground below him. Although you might imagine these are being waved by an angry mob, or a gang set on robbing him, really we cannot know. There aren’t even any hands showing on the wooden poles, never mind the rest of the people presumably on the other end of them.

For me, this card often raises the question of whether something in ourselves is leaving us feeling unbalanced (the odd shoes), so that we feel under attack when that may not actually be the case.

Of course, sometimes others do make critical comments and judge you. However, they may not mean as much by it as you read into it. Or they may not be intending to criticise at all. Or perhaps it’s really their own stuff.

If you take other people’s comments as judgement, or assume judgement from their tone or body language, it may be that in fact it is yourselt who is doing most or all of the criticising. Perhaps you think you deserve criticism, maybe you even think you need to criticise yourself to motivate change. However, that rarely works.

Self-judgement leads to low self-esteem, and to stress. Not good circumstances for creative or even rational thinking.

One answer is to notice when this critical voice is airing its views, tell it to stop, and remind yourself of something positive. Another is to tap to release that judgement. The tapping video below combines both of these!

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