What trial-by-fire are you facing?

What trial-by-fire are you facing?

There are lots of situations in life where you have to face something that feels difficult. It might be asking your boss for a raise, or telling your partner that you want a change, or insisting that your four-year old has to brush his teeth twice a day ;D

Sometimes, it’s about trying something you haven’t done before, like taking on a new role at work or cooking for your in-laws for the first time. Or it could be facing up to a fear from the past, getting past situations that trigger you.

Whatever the case, you know that facing up to this situation or experience is worthwhile. You will be stronger for it, and happier. Even if you don’t get that raise, at least you’ll know you tried!

To help with this kind of prospect, below is a tapping video to release the fear and instill in yourself the bravery and strength of the Knight of Wands.

I love how this version, from the ViceVersa Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2017), shows a knight on a unicorn – remember the purity of your intentions, and that you are supported by spirit in your endeavours. And look at the flames rising from his staff – he can cauterise old wounds, and light the fire in your heart.

This week, I used this energy to face some fears from over a decade ago. And this weekend I have a situation which is both really new and triggers some other concerns from the past. We’re travelling to Germany with the kids: the first time in three years that we’ll attempt to fly with my elder boy, who hasn’t dealt well with planes before now. You can bet I’ll be doing this daily to support myself!

How about you? What situations do you want to brave with confidence this week?


  1. Beverly King on June 26, 2018 at 1:30 pm

    May you and yours find a way to navigate this adventure with calmness and comfort! (((Chloe)))

    • Chloe on June 26, 2018 at 2:36 pm

      Thanks, Bev. As I say, a bit of bravery goes a long way, sometimes 🙂

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