What do you do with sorrow?

What do you do with sorrow?

While I was planning to write about procrastination this week, spirit wanted something different from me. After all, it’s best to deal with whatever is most ‘real’ or ‘present’ in the now, and for me that has been sorrow.

Sorrow can be a difficult emotion to manage. While there’s the whole ‘Boy’s don’t cry!’ thing, it’s true that women are also often discouraged from expressing their sorrow. We’re told to ‘Pull up your big girl pants!’ or that ‘Time will heal.’

It’s true that time and distance help, but these emotions can come back at the seemingly strangest times. It might be an anniversary, or if something similar in the present triggers something from the past. And of course, new sorrows can also arise.

Sadness can be really overwhelming, and when you’re sobbing your heart out, you may not feel up to thinking about lots of points to tap on. So, this soothing set is very much simplified, just three points/positions. And you could just stick with the Butterfly Hug throughout, if that’s what you need!

I hope you find this demonstration useful. You can of course tap along. Or you can use it as a guide to put your own words into. Whatever, I wish you a week of self-care and soothing, so you can manage whatever life throws at you.



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