What does success look like?

What does success look like?

Yesterday’s tapping session, inspired by the Six of Wands, focused on drawing success into your life. It got me thinking about what success actually looks like.

Based on the tarot card – this version is from the Manga Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2006) – several things came up.

Three Aspects of Success

First off, there is the fact that it is impossible to succeed entirely on your own. Be it the person who sells you food to eat while you’re working, or a far closer collaborator, or the inspiring people from the past whose ideas you base yours on, none of us is truly an island.

Secondly, there is the recognition that comes with success. That might be recognition from others – see how she rides her horse, with crowds watching and looking up to her – or it might be recognition from yourself. Both are important, in different ways. If you don’t receive any recognition from others, it can feel like you are unvalued, and it may affect your future prospects, as well as the abundance in your life. And if you don’t offer yourself recognition, then you are undermining your own motivation.

Finally, there is the question of which area of life you are succeeding in. While it’s great to succeed on many fronts, perhaps the real question is where it is most important for you to succeed right now? And there is also the question of how you will know that you have succeeded…

Spread to appreciate success

Here is a spread based on these ideas, to look at the success in your life right now:

  1. Where in your life do you most need success right now?
  2. What support do you already have?
  3. What support would best help you succeed?
  4. What recognition do you want from others?
  5. What recognition can you offer yourself?
  6. What will that success look like?

Scroll down if you want to see a sample reading with this spread.

Spell for Success

The moon is waxing right now, which is a fairly good time for a success spell (even better to have done it at the new moon). Gather a Six of Wands card of your choice, and a white candle.

Next, think about which area of your life you most want to draw success to. Then, choose a symbol to represent that area.

For example, if you want to improve your finances, you might choose a bank note. If you want to improve your relationship with a particular person, use a picture of them. If you want to succeed at finding a loving relationship, then you could use a Two of Cups card, or a ring…

Place these three objects on your altar. If you don’t have an altar, then put them in a safe place where you can look at them regularly – perhaps your night stand, or your desk, or a particular shelf or mantelpiece.

Sit for a moment and take in the objects: really pay attention to them. Then, light the candle. Place the Six of Wands to the right of the candle, and the object that represents where you want to succeed to the left. You might choose to say something like: ‘I draw abundant success to me in the area of …’ Use whatever words feel right to you.

Every day for the next week, try to set aside a few minutes, preferably at the same time of day. Each time, light the candle, say your words (they can change over the course of the week), and move the object representing where in your life you want success a bit closer to the Six of Wands. On the seventh day, place that object onto the Six of Wands.

On the next day, you can dismantle the altar, saying a prayer of thanks for all the successes in your life currently, and those still to come )O(


The Reading

Ha ha, sarky much? Where do I most need success? The Six of Wands: in having success!

Seriously, though, I see her looking straight out at me; calm, confident, taking action and being willing to be seen doing so. I’ve been thinking a lot about authenticity, recently, and I see that here. She is proud of her passion and her drive, and does not try to hide her light under a bushel. I could certainly do with more of that right now.

In terms of support that’s already there, this Four of Cups suggests having taken the emotional gifts on offer. I’ve just received a promotion of sorts, so that makes sense. Equally, the support I most need right now comes in the shape of Death. I may need some help in letting go of what was and how I saw myself, in order to step up into that Six of Wands role.

Recognition from others comes in the form of the Tower. In order to gain that recognition, I will need to share some of my Tower moments, to help explain how I came to be where I am, with the beliefs I have. These moments have made me stronger, hard as they were.

For myself, I need to recognise my connection to Source. The Ace of Cups reminds me that when I feel that overflowing of love and connection, I work far better, in the flow.

Finally, what will this success look like? The Two of Pentacles suggests I will still need to balance different aspects, and make time for more than just this new role. Good! I certainly don’t want to give up my focus on Magical Wellness just because my day job has gotten more complicated 😀


I hope you’ll give this spread a go, and feel free to share your readings or anything else in the comments.

Love, Chloë

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