What does the Moon Oracle have to say?

What does the Moon Oracle have to say?

Having unboxed the new edition of the Moon Oracle (Eddison Books, 2018), I received a message about setting up an altar again. That felt like an excellent idea, and I decided to draw some cards to go along with it.

The structure of this oracle lends itself to a three card reading. There are the Moon Mansions (like the Majors), the Moon Phases (like the Minors), and the Moon Goddesses (like the Courts). Drawing one of each gave me this reading:

Moon Mansion – Altar

What I see here is a beautiful female figure in front of an altar with different objects. These could be taken to represent the elements, associating this card with the Magician in some ways. The key word also makes me think of the importance of creating sacred space for myself, of defining and setting my intentions, and of connecting with Spirit.

Interestingly, the text in the book paints a quite different picture. The card is associated with dogmatic thinking, much more of a Hierophant aspect.

Still, I will stick to my reading. For me, an altar is a positive thing, a personal choice and encouragement to reflect on my life and connect to something beyond myself and my limited grasp of reality.

Moon Phase – Black Moon in Fire: Recharge

Ha, yes, my energy, my life’s spark, has been feeling pretty depleted. The recommendation to turn inward, to reflect and recharge, feels very relevant to me.

The image reminds me of a fertile void, encased in a thin shell. And like a seed that sprouts after a forest fire, it is full of potential. There is also something vulvic to it. A re/birth comes after taking time to recharge.

So, which Goddess’ energy will help me in this regard? How can I best recharge, what kind of energy can I call on in creating space for myself and in looking beyond my own limitations and perspective?

Moon Goddess – Venus

I have to say, Venus is not a Goddess I feel connected to generally. And yet, that may be precisely the point! The book talks about luxuriating, but also being careful not to overdo it: Taurean influences and such.

For myself, Venus brings up two thoughts.

First is the idea of a little self-love. That fits with the idea of needing to create sacred space and recharge.

Secondly, I think of the Birth of Venus by Boticelli. Venus is rising out of the sea, lifted on a clam shell. She comes from the sea, yet she is associated with earth. She is rising above all that turbulent emotion.

Combining these, I see the recommendation to do something practical and grounding as a way to nurture myself and move beyond emotional extremes. Sounds like a really good idea!

The Bottom Line

I really like that this deck offers a lot of insight into lunar astrology. I follow the phases of the moon a fair bit anyway, but haven’t really associated the moon with the elements and zodiac signs in this way much. It’s an interesting approach, and one that can bring additional depth to your readings.

The Moon Phase cards are very clear and easy to read, with the little moon line at the bottom to show where the card falls in the waxing and waning of the moon. And the Goddess cards are easy to read purely mythologically.

Altogether, it’s great that these cards are so evocative. Between the images and the keywords, they can also be read without any additional knowledge.

While this wasn’t a spread included in the deck, it’s one I can imagine myself using a lot! What do you think?

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    Thanks for Sharing!

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