Tapping is sometimes described as acupressure for emotions, with no needles. It uses tapping on meridian points to help unblock energy in the body, places where you have been holding tight. This holding and blockage is connected to pain, trauma or emotional upsets.

Magical tapping is a great tool for releasing negative emotions and traumas gently. It can also help in developing a more positive mindset. It can be used for pain relief and a variety of physical symptoms; for addictions and phobias; for emotional and sexual issues; and much more.

Body, mind and spirit are deeply intertwined. So, any problem you have will affect your emotions, as well as affecting you physically and psychologically. Dissolving the emotional charge around the issue will also release the other effects.

Ultimately, everything in the universe is made of energy, at an atomic level. Within your body, the energy flow can be disrupted by illness, dis-ease, and traumas big and small.

When you suffer, it creates beliefs in you about yourself, others and the world. These beliefs don't allow your energy to flow freely, they act like dams, and your life force stagnates where it cannot move.

Tapping on chakra and acupressure points helps to unblock the flow of energy. And once it gets moving again, the issues these blocks caused will melt away, leaving you feeling more joyful and excited by life.

What is Magical Tapping?

In a magical tapping session, you bring the transpersonal - Divine, Source, Universe, whatever you choose to call it - into your tapping. You remind yourself of the support you have from spirit, as well as the acceptance you offer yourself. So, you are recruiting the universal source of love, as well as your own personal well of love, to assist in your healing at a physical, emotional or spiritual level.

Additionally, you might choose to use cards to help you determine your best focus on a given day. If you sometimes feel you don’t know where to start, or don’t really know what you should be working on, draw some cards to help give you direction. The synchronicity of cards will support you in finding the best approach for you.

And one of the greatest power of the cards is to evoke emotions: when you look at an image, it doesn't just trigger your brain, but also your emotions. It's vital to actually feel something for tapping to work, so you can choose cards with images that represent what you want to deal with. The images bring that emotion very clearly into your awareness, so that you can release it quickly and effectively.

If you would like more information about the basics of tapping, and about bringing magic into your tapping, here's a short free ebook for you to download!

A Magical Tapping Session

Although tapping is very easy to apply for yourself, some people find they get a lot out of a session with a qualified practitioner. Reasons for choosing a session might be:

  • You’ve tried tapping for yourself without much success - there are additional points and techniques which may solve this issue
  • You’re unsure how to word what you want to tap on, or what to say when
  • You’re not sure where to start on your problem - maybe you find it hard to define, or it’s too complicated to know where to start
  • You feel overwhelmed and want someone else to support you through difficult emotions
  • You’re not sure where to go after the basic setup phrase and reminder phrase - a practitioner can ask relevant questions to figure out how to keep adapting the phrases to stay with the problem, following it to its root cause
  • You have some kind of resistance to releasing these emotions or pain. This can be because the problem has become comfortably familiar, or because you feel, at some level, that you deserve it. Having someone else help you explore this can make all the difference!

If you would like to book a magical tapping session, you can choose either an in-person session, or an online session via Skype or equivalent. Please email me to check availability before buying.