If you're not sure how to get started with your magical practice, or you want to deepen your connection to the divine, this may be the best place to begin. In Magical Mentoring, we explore what you want to achieve, so you can feel confident that you are covering everything important in the most effective way possible.

This is the more purely witchy side to magical wellness, and emphasises different ways of focusing your intent. Creating and setting up a sacred space to help focus and protect your spellwork can be quickly and easily achieved using an altar. Rituals are basically things you do to focus your mind, bringing body, mind and spirit into alignment. Spellwork is the more purely mental side of intention setting.

Let’s break it down a bit…


An altar is a place that you choose to use as a focus for your magical and/or spiritual practice. You can have an altar in a fixed place in your home, have it be more mobile, or set up an altar out in nature.

In each case, how you design your altar and what you choose to put on it may be different. The goal of the altar can also vary.

It can be a place to focus your energy towards achieving your vision. It can also be a place to connect more deeply with spirit.

For this you might devote your altar to particular aspects of spirit: God or Goddess, angels, faeries, ancestors, and so on.

And your altar will probably vary depending on the time of year: using colours and objects to represent the seasons and/or moon phases. This helps keep you connected to the cycles of nature, the rhythm of the earth itself. Aligning yourself with this helps add the power of the natural world to your own intentions.


A ritual is an event or a set of actions, done with a particular focus in mind. This can go from the very simple, to the incredibly complex.

Ritual is a way to indicate to your subconscious that you are doing something special and different from your everyday actions. It is also a physical way of taking action, confirming to your subconscious that you really mean business. It brings magic into the material plane, through combining action and conscious intent. This allows you to manifest your desires and dreams.

Just shuffling your cards before doing a reading can be a simple ritual that gets you ‘into the right headspace’. For this to work, the shuffling must be done with conscious intent: thinking about your question, for example.

Rituals can be a lovely way to mark the sabbats: the cross quarter days, solstices and equinoxes. They can also be used with the moon phases.

You don’t need a particular time to do a ritual, though. If you feel the need for a ritual at other times, the most important part is setting your intent for the ritual.

For example, if you want to do a healing ritual for an injury that has just happened, you’re not going to wait for the next moon phase or sabbat. You might choose a particular time of day - dawn for new beginnings, evening for releasing something.

If you feel you need to do your ritual as soon as possible, then the present moment is the perfect time. And if you have time restrictions due to other responsibilities, then whenever you can manage is also perfect. There’s no point getting hung up on timing, practicality is important, too!


A spell is the more mental side of magic, and normally includes speaking particular words. In this, it is a way to express your intention so that it will clearly be heard, and acted upon.

You design your spell, and then activate it in one of a number of ways.

For example, you can activate a spell through a ritual you design around it. You might want to do a spell to help you achieve material abundance. You could design a ritual that includes objects such as representations of abundance, and an action indicating that you are bringing this abundance into your life.

You can also activate a spell through a meditation. While meditating, you might visualise your desired goal, and perhaps do a ‘journey’ to gather the resources you will need to help you in the process.

For more on this, check out the Magical Meditations section.

Magical Mentoring

If you would like some help in designing an altar, ritual or spell, or in figuring out what kind of practice will suit you best, I offer magical mentoring sessions either in-person or online. These can be around a particular subject - such as designing an altar, ritual, or spell - or they can be around the issue or theme you want to work on. Together, we can figure out the best way to approach solving any problem and achieving your heartfelt wishes.