How to keep up your energy and enthusiasm

How to keep up your energy and enthusiasm

It’s fairly easy to stay inspired and energised when a project or task takes a few hours, or even days. At least as an adult, my four-year old can barely manage half an hour! 😀

Still, it’s less easy when the project takes weeks, months, or even a year or more.

Of course, there are various techniques to help you stay the course.

Breaking such a large endeavour down into smaller chunks is an important one. That way, you can feel a sense of achievement for every subsection you get done. And it makes the whole thing feel more manageable.

Other recommendations you may sometimes see include finding an accountability partner. Someone to help keep you on track, checking in on you and perhaps offering support. This is one reason people sometimes hire a life coach, but hey, your mum, romantic partner, BFF, or even grown-up child may fill the role.

Staying flexible is another great habit to adopt when faced with a big task. Of course, having a clear plan and timeline is important. Equally, though, you need to be willing to adapt when faced with unexpected challenges or delays, or even new opportunities!

Finally, motivation is key.

One thing that can really help here is to tap on any feelings of exhaustion or disappointment at difficulties arising in the project. It also helps to focus on what you have achieved, giving yourself credit. And it can be really useful if you can once again feel energised, creative and playful towards the project.

To assist with that, try tapping along with this video:

I’m in the last stretch of a year-long project right now, and have been struggling. There’s a lot of paperwork, some of which seems really pointless, or excessive. But it is what it is, and the project itself feels worthwhile to me. So, I’m boosting my motivation, and have clarified what I need to do, ticking off chunks as I complete them. Just a couple of months left…

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