How to combine tarot and tapping

How to combine tarot and tapping

You may have wondered why I include different tools within Magical Wellness, and why I choose to use tarot cards at all. Certainly, I don’t use them in the ‘you’ll meet a tall, dark stranger at a party next month’ kind of way 😀

Still, I find the tarot a deeply inspiring tool, to use for myself and with others. So, here’s a little example of how to combine tarot with tapping, to give you an idea of how these different tools can work together.

This reading was done for a mother struggling with emotional overwhelm, leading into bad eating habits. The cards are drawn from the Panda Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2017). While this isn’t a deck I would often use for a client, it was appropriate in this instance as a fun and playful deck.

As the point here is to suggest ways to combine tarot and tapping, I won’t go into a detailed reading of the spread: a traditional Celtic Cross. Instead, I’ll highlight elements brought up during the reading.

The client was somewhat wary of the Ten of Swords showing up in the Higher Self position at the top of the spread. I asked whether she felt she self-sabotaged and criticised herself, and got a resounding ‘Yes!’ I pointed out that in this version, the panda is walking away from those swords that normally stab through the back. Talking it through, we decided to do some basic tapping on ‘Even though I judge myself harshly, and it makes me feel even more in need of something to comfort me…’

We also connected this pattern with the Hopes and Fears card: the Three of Chalices (Cups). I asked whether joining some kind of support group or forum appealed to her. She answered no. When I asked her what she saw in the card, she said she saw friends having fun. As a fear, she could see the notion of never having fun.

This idea of doing something enjoyable tied into the idea of stopping punishing herself for not being perfect (the Ten of Swords). Still, we set the idea of having fun aside for the moment and looked at the central cards.

She commented that the animal desires in this version of the Strength card seemed really overwhelming: ‘look at the size of that tiger, with the panda inside its mouth’. We talked a bit about the Shadow and how it is helpful to befriend it rather than demonise it. I mentioned the imagery of the Gaian Tarot Strength card, where a woman embraces a big cat in the warmth of the sun.

Following the theme of different sized cats, I brought up the Queen of Wands. We also talked about Goddess aspects and the association of Bast with both play and cats. This contrasted strongly with the crossing card, the Queen of Chalices. She saw this as her role as mother, which can be emotionally draining, sending her to the fridge for ‘comfort’.

On the back of this, I suggested doing the Balancing Breath exercise. While she crossed her ankles and arms and took slow, smooth breaths, I talked her through a visualisation: going from feeling swallowed up by her cravings to befriending them through play. After the Balancing Breath we did another round of tapping focused on finding things that would be playful flow activities for her to enjoy. We also tapped in the new habit of doing these things instead of eating at key trigger times, such as when making supper for her kids.

Finally, we focused on the King of Pentacles as Outcome/Advice. After all this processing she felt able to see herself taking charge of her body in a way that still allowed her to luxuriate in her senses. While she liked this concept, she said that she would continue doing the Balancing Breath focusing on Strength and the Queen of Wands for the moment. I suggested she place those cards on her bedside table as a reminder.

I hope this gives you some inspiration around how you can combine tapping and visualisations based around a tarot reading. If you have any thoughts or questions, I’d love to hear them!




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