How can you use crystals with tapping?

How can you use crystals with tapping?

Many people find that placing a crystal on their altar, or holding one while they meditate, adds a different dimension to their spellwork or meditation practice.

The same is definitely true for tapping. Choosing a crystal that aligns with your purpose will support you while you tap. It adds an energetic boost to what you’re doing, improving your focus, and adding an additional layer of meaning.

For example, in this video there is a brief tapping meditation on releasing limiting beliefs, inspired by the Eight of Swords from the Cosmic Mother Tarot (Alice Grist, 2017). In support of that, you could choose an amethyst, for spiritual wisdom, or a tiger’s eye, for strength of will, or a hematite for stress relief and as an energy channel.

In this case, I actually used a purple sea sediment jasper hagstone. Jasper is known as the great nurturer, and the colour purple adds in a dimension of calling on the higher self or the Universe. The shape of the hagstone implies focus and clarity, and is often used in healing.

In the video, there are some tips and suggestions on how to use crystals and their energetic properties while tapping, as well as some does and don’ts.

I hope you find this helpful, and if you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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