From 9 of Swords to 4 of Swords

From 9 of Swords to 4 of Swords

RWS Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2012)

How often have you had one of those Nine of Swords moments?

You lie in bed, with your mind churning, perhaps berating yourself for the fact that you’re not asleep. You wish you could go to sleep, you wish you could stop these thoughts from plaguing you, you worry about what your day will look like if you don’t get some (more) sleep.

For me, the best antidote to this is the Four of Swords.

Here, we have someone resting peacefully, preparing to go back into the fray. Perhaps more importantly, there is one sword below the figure, with three other swords hung on the wall above him. He is focused on just one thing, setting aside other thoughts for later. And he’s down to just four!

A lot of those thoughts you think in the early hours of the morning, or as you’re struggling to get to sleep, really aren’t helpful. A few of them are things you need to remember for later, or good, creative ideas that have come to you in that semi-conscious hypnagogic state between sleep and waking.

A fair few of them, though, are pointless worrying or repetitive circling, like jackals around a dead carcass. Not helpful!

What can you do, then?

It’s time to let your subconscious know that it can forget some of those thoughts, and that the useful ones will be there to access when the time is right. For the rest, the single focus you need in that moment is on how good it will be to fall asleep quickly and easily, to sleep deeply and well, until waking refreshed in the morning.

An excellent way to activate this card and this intention is with a tapping meditation like this one:

You could also consider doing a spell with these two cards. Perhaps ask spirit what you would need to get you from the Nine of Swords to the Four of Swords. Draw a card and spend some time with the answer. Place all three cards on your altar or sacred space. Or take a photo of them to put on your phone screen as a regular reminder. If you feel inspired to write a short poem on the cards, go for it!

With love,



  1. Lisa Frideborg Eddy on November 4, 2018 at 7:57 pm

    Thank you, Chloe. This is such a lovely tapping video for insomnia – I’ll bookmark this for when I travel next time!!

    • Chloe on November 12, 2018 at 12:45 pm

      Glad you enjoyed it, Lisa, and hope it helps with the travel insomnia – that’s probably a category in it’s own right 🙂

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