Finding Calm in the Seas of Change

Finding Calm in the Seas of Change

Sometimes life seems to whiz by, and everything is in flux. It can be really hard to keep up, and to feel calm.

Even when the changes are positive, it still requires a shift in perspective, and change in how you do things.

Sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming. Like you’ve just got your feet under you, and suddenly the cloth is pulled out from beneath you again. Or like the Red Queen in Alice Through the Looking Glass: constantly running just to stay in one spot.

So, what’s the answer? The Wheel of Fortune (shown here from the Crystal Unicorn Tarot, 2017) can point to feeling this way. It also suggests some solutions.

Notice the four symbols in the corners. They are associated with the four evangelists, and also with the four elements.

What will work for you right now, in this moment, to find a sense of calm centredness could be inspired by any of the elements.

Perhaps you need something grounding, like baking bread or having a massage or doing the dishes. Something practical, something physical.

It could be that getting your body and spirit moving will help calm your mind. In that case, what about hopping on a bike, dancing in your kitchen (or wherever the fancy takes you), drumming or doing some exercise?

Maybe you would benefit from finding greater mental clarity. Here, you might consider journalling, tapping, or a tarot reading. If you’d like to try a tapping meditation based on this card, here’s one:

And if you want to dig deeper into the magical wisdom of the cards, using them to find greater clarity, I can recommend the Card Magic Reading Summit coming up in September. There’s a great line-up of readers and deck creators, some of whom I count as friends, such as Arwen Lynch Poe, and Steven Bright. There are also several incredible teachers I’ve learnt from in person, such as Caitlín and John Matthews and Chrissie Astell. And there are teachers I can’t wait to meet and learn from at the UK Tarot Conference this October, such as Benebell Wen. There are some people I’ve never heard of, and others who are big names either in deck creation (Colette Baron-Reid, Pamela Stevens) or online (Brigit Esselmont), or both (Ethony Dawn). It looks like a great opportunity to deepen your connection with the cards!

You could also consider more watery, emotional approaches to finding your centre. Calling a friend, watching a film that makes you cry, taking a bath with essential oils and candles, getting a hug from a loved one, these are all ways to connect back with yourself at an emotional level.

So, what way would suit you, right now?

When you tap into your calm centre, it is easier to then return to the hectic reality of the everyday bustle in a way that feels manageable. It’s like stepping in and out of the maelstrom, rather than letting it whirl you about.

Love, Chloë


  1. Beverly King on August 21, 2018 at 11:02 am

    Ritual and routine help me find my center – sitting on the meditation chair, going to the gym, and writing. If I’m not too overwhelmed, helping another person can pull me out of my own self-orbit.
    That Summit sure has a wonderful line-up of folks to learn from!

    • Chloe on August 24, 2018 at 4:05 pm

      Yes, ritual and routine are very centring! And helping others, being of service, is a lifeline that stretches in both directions 🙂

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