Creativity and Choices

Creativity and Choices

Some people are a bit freaked out by the Sacral Chakra. After all, it’s associated with the sexual organs, and not everyone wants to talk about that kind of thing.

Still, that doesn’t mean it’s all about nookie: far from it!

The Sacral Chakra reminds me of the energy of the Lovers card (shown here from the Crystal Unicorn Tarot by Pamela Chen). When we come into our sexual maturity, we start having to make serious, grown-up choices. We have to think about intimacy, and how we connect with other people. And we have to take responsibility for what we create.

In that vein, I also drew a card for what energy would currently help with strengthening and expressing this sacral energy. What came up was the Knight of Swords: there’s a need for focus here.

It is important to get into the flow of what you’re doing, be it painting, pottery, writing, or making love. If you’re thinking about what you need to buy at the shops, or whether or not you can fit in some hoovering before making dinner, you’re really not in the right head-space 😀

To tap into both creativity and focus, why not give this brief tapping meditation a go?

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