Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway?

How often do you feel fear rushing through your body? It might not be for any particularly good reason. Maybe you see a stranger on the street, or hear an unexpected noise. Maybe you’re alone, or it’s dark. No real danger, but you respond anyway. Sometimes, your body gets stuck in a fear response. Of…

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Saying No to Petty Tyrants

How many times have you felt annoyed by someone who tells you what to do, and always thinks they know best? Someone who wants things done their way, NOW! Be it a child or a boss, or your mother-in-law, many of us have had this kind of experience. And if you have, this tapping session…

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How to combine tarot and tapping

You may have wondered why I include different tools within Magical Wellness, and why I choose to use tarot cards at all. Certainly, I don’t use them in the ‘you’ll meet a tall, dark stranger at a party next month’ kind of way 😀 Still, I find the tarot a deeply inspiring tool, to use…

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How can you find more playfulness and laughter this week?

Are you feeling in need of a bit of playfulness, experimentation and laughter? Often times as ‘grown-ups’ we forget that we also need some fun in our lives, along with responsibility and work. Inspired by Lisa Eddy’s new website – – I drew a card from the Unicorn Tarot and got the Page of…

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What does the Moon Oracle have to say?

Having unboxed the new edition of the Moon Oracle (Eddison Books, 2018), I received a message about setting up an altar again. That felt like an excellent idea, and I decided to draw some cards to go along with it. The structure of this oracle lends itself to a three card reading. There are the…

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What unnecessary junk do you have in your life?

There is a lot of unnecessary junk around these days. It might be too many clothes (or shoes) in your closet, too many decks in your collection, or too many Easter eggs/chocolate/biscuits/crisps in your cupboard. If you recognise you have stuff you don’t need, perhaps it’s time to clear some of it out. In this…

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Who here is a procrastinator?

Have you ever thought about how procrastination takes hold, and what to do about it? If you ever suffer from this bad habit there’s also a tapping video here to help you stop procrastinating. Another thing you can do is to reflect on the underlying reasons for your procrastination. The better you understand why you…

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Want to stop procrastinating?

We’ve all done it, right? Maybe you tidy up the kitchen, when you should be doing that thing that you really don’t want to do. Or maybe you just disappear off into the interwebs. Maybe you do other tasks that didn’t seem like a priority before. Anything so as not to do ‘that thing’! Well,…

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What do you do with sorrow?

While I was planning to write about procrastination this week, spirit wanted something different from me. After all, it’s best to deal with whatever is most ‘real’ or ‘present’ in the now, and for me that has been sorrow. Sorrow can be a difficult emotion to manage. While there’s the whole ‘Boy’s don’t cry!’ thing,…

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This is how to create good habits!

People often talk about breaking bad habits, and one way to do that is by interrupting or replacing them with a good habit. Or maybe you just have a positive change you want to introduce into your life and stick to. Either way, this video shows you several powerful techniques to create a new habit…

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The Spirit Within my recipe for health

It may sound crazy, but I have only just managed to unbox the Spirit Within Tarot (Schiffer, 2017). I got it on pre-order in December, but I’ve been struggling to find time to make videos. Having added in a ‘to-camera’ section, it means I not only have to have some time, energy and some quiet…

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Tapping for Healing, Beauty and Peace

Inspired by the Dream Fairy Astrid (Dream Fairies, Lo Scarabeo, 2012 – which I unboxed last week), I asked the tarot what we need right now to help us find healing and peace. My answer, the Fool from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm (Llewellyn, 2013). This Fool speaks of being in the moment, enjoying…

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