How often do you try to make others happy?

It’s a pattern many of us adopted, often in childhood. Doing whatever we can to help others feel happy, to make them feel better, to take care of them. Yet, it really isn’t our responsibility to ‘make’ someone else feel happy. Each of us has the power to make our own choices, including the choice…

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Relight your fire!

It can be easy to fall into a pattern of tiredness and overwhelm. The more tired you are, the harder it feels to get things done, and so projects and responsibilites feel like they pile up on top of you. Sometimes, though, all you need to get yourself out of this kind of slump is…

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How can you use crystals with tapping?

Many people find that placing a crystal on their altar, or holding one while they meditate, adds a different dimension to their spellwork or meditation practice. The same is definitely true for tapping. Choosing a crystal that aligns with your purpose will support you while you tap. It adds an energetic boost to what you’re…

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What’s in a name?

Shakespeare, in Romeo and Juliet, has his female lead declare: ‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.’ The idea being that the name does not matter, it is the person who counts. You are still you, no matter what anyone calls you. And yet, in many traditions and cultures, people are given…

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How to increase your mindfulness

Everyone knows that being more mindful is recommended for a host of reasons. Greater calm and clarity, and more joy, are just some of the more obvious benefits. Sometimes, though, you get so caught up in familiar patterns or bad habits that it’s hard to remember you’re supposed to be bringing awareness to what you’re…

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How often do you feel like a goddess?

Do you feel resilient, compassionate, beautiful? If you’d like a bit more goddess energy in your day and your life, tap along to this video. Inspired by the Goddess Oracle (U.S. Games, 2006) by Marashinsky and Janto, notice if any of these statements feel uncomfortable to you, just notice without judgement. And which do you…

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How primal is your fear?

Fear is one of your most basic responses as a human being. It triggers the fight-flight-freeze response, with resulting adrenaline rush, raised cortisol, and pounding heart. In modern life, very often there is nothing to fight, and nowhere to run to. So, you may find your body and emotions freezing in response to fears which…

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How do you channel your anger?

Anger is a deeply primal emotion, one we are often taught it is bad to express. And of course there is a reality to that. Anger management courses are a thing because of road rage and football hooligans and domestic violence, to name but a few of the more obvious ways this emotion is expressed.…

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How do you feel about anger?

Have you ever felt afraid of your own anger? Felt overwhelmed by it? Anger is a powerful emotion, and sometimes you might feel that letting it out is dangerous. It might cause conflict, or you might hurt someone, or people might see you are not a sweet, kind person (all the time). Yet, anger can…

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The Perils of Perfection

How do you feel about perfection? I had a discussion with someone recently on this topic, where we had to agree to disagree. Perfection She argued that we are all perfect just the way we are, and that it is only because I haven’t done enough self-work that I couldn’t recognise that and refused to…

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How perfectionistic are you?

How many shoulds and oughts do you have in your life? These are often signs of perfectionism, standards so high you can rarely live up to them. Today, how about showing yourself some compassion, and releasing some of that self-criticism? You might find you’re more creative, as well as happier… 🙂

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How does your fear get triggered?

What fears do you have? They might be existential fears, or more embodied fears. They might be related to the future and things you worry about, or to past experiences that have upset or traumatised you. In life, there are many situations that can lead to you feeling afraid in one way or another. Over…

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